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The law firm focuses on the legal areas of Traffic, Criminal Traffic, Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Corporate Services, Family Law and Probate.

The Law Office of Arthur Spiegel, Esq., PA is a law firm focused on resolving all clients’ legal issues by providing high-level legal services without compromising integrity.

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Our team has been studying law for almost 40 years. Not only are we highly educated with the area and people within the area that we serve, we focus on the rights of the people and have been pursuing honest, communication focused, high-quality law services for years. We can provide you with the law services that you need to give each and every person an equal shot with what they are enduring.


We are straightforward and upfront about all of the cases we work on.

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Our goal is to make sure our clients are served to the highest quality. Our clients are our priority.

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We are there from the beginning to the end of the process and beyond. You can rely on us to help you as much as possible. We do whatever it takes to succeed.


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